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Proposed Guidelines for OWS Livestream Chatroom Participants and Moderators


The OWS livestream chatroom is an open forum for discussion.  Anyone, anywhere in the world has a right to participate.


Participants MAY:

·         Ask questions

·         Answer questions

·         Post links

·         Respectfully express their opinions

·         Write in the language of their choice

Participants MAY NOT:

·         Make racist, sexist, or prejudiced remarks, or post links to sources of that nature.

·         Directly insult other chat room participants or moderators.

·         Request that other chat room participants be banned.

·         Attempt to disrupt or monopolize the chat room conversation. This includes:

1.       Repeatedly posting the same message.

2.       Consistently using caps, bold, italic or underlined words to monopolize the chat space.


Moderators MAY:

·         Use bold lettering to help their identification in the chat room.

·         Ban participants that are neglecting to follow the chat room guidelines.

·         Use the “clear previous chat messages” option, sparingly.

·         Express their independent opinions.


Moderators MUST:

·         Follow the same guidelines as participants.  

·         Respectfully enforce participant guidelines in the chat room.

·         Warn a chat participant at least once before banning them and inform them as to why and for how long they may be banned.

·         Act independently in deciding to ban participants, i.e – not in response to the requests of other participants.




Moderators MAY NOT:

·         Ban any participant “forever”.

·         Exclude, insult or ban any participant based on their attitude or opinions.

·         Claim that their opinions, statements or the information they choose to give is representative of the entire OWS movement.


Further suggestions:

·         When possible, there should always be more than one moderator in the chatroom.

·         Suggested response to questions by participants,  i.e:

Participant: “Moderator, what does the OWS think of xyz?”

Moderator: “I am not a spokesperson for the OWS, but I personally think that abc…”/or/ “I don’t     know, I do not represent the collective sentiments of the OWS”.