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I have been moving away from corporations toward local businesses as much as possible, but we can't go back to using stone-age tools, because corporations have taken over.  Using the technology of our opponents against them, is not hypocrisy.  We have to think strategically to battle the biggest corporations that have the most influence over world governments, so that we can return to a people led democracy (or republic as the case may be).
On 10/18/11, Deadfish<> wrote:
I've been with the movement here in Chicago for the last two weeks
now. Problem is, I'm starting to be troubled by the number of young
people who are still relying on corporate crap like iPods and cell
phones and digital cameras. Then I took a look at myself and realized
that today, my life is totally dependent upon corporations. How are we
as a movement ever going to convince the world we're serious if we act
like hypocrites and use iPods, read books printed by Penguin, cook
food in pots made by Corningware, communicate on computers made by
soul destroying corporations in third-worlds, etc., etc., etc.? I'm
calling for a bonfire of the corporate vanities! I say we put our
money where our mouths are and get rid of anything made by a
corporation. Let's show these people just how seriously we take our
own philosophy!