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sometimes when you smash the box you end up building a new box to replace it
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This is not about removing ourselves from the corporatist system; it's about abolishing that system. It's good to thin outsode the box, but it's better to smash the box so there's nowhere to think *but* outside it. Nothing folksy about it.


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This is an ongoing topic of conversation at #OccupyWallStreet.

Some devices are critical tools to the indie media goals of our movement, but those tools are built by large corporations.

I personally err on the side of using tools for their specific purpose regardless of their origin if it advances our goals.

But that's my $0.02


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I've been with the movement here in Chicago for the last two weeks
now. Problem is, I'm starting to be troubled by the number of young
people who are still relying on corporate crap like iPods and cell
phones and digital cameras. Then I took a look at myself and realized
that today, my life is totally dependent upon corporations. How are we
as a movement ever going to convince the world we're serious if we act
like hypocrites and use iPods, read books printed by Penguin, cook
food in pots made by Corningware, communicate on computers made by
soul destroying corporations in third-worlds, etc., etc., etc.? I'm
calling for a bonfire of the corporate vanities! I say we put our
money where our mouths are and get rid of anything made by a
corporation. Let's show these people just how seriously we take our
own philosophy!