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I there any way we can automatically post all of this to a site or tweet it or something, so that everyone knows we have no secrets?
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Thanks, John.  Well, I can tell from the sitemeter on my blog that an awful lot of readers are coming from a link in the emails.  Which is ridiculous, considering how many emails there are!  Tells you how much people are combing through them, looking for dirt...and how desperately scared the establishment is of OWS.

ASSHOLES!!  I hope you're reading this too!!

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 Hi all:  I got a call from Lee Stranahan from Breitbart's  He wanted me to say bad things about socialists and anarchists.  I told him libertarians, capitalists, socialists, and anarchists are all working together to give a voice to the 99%.  He is writing an article loosely based on the leaks from this discussion group.  He is going to be pushing his theory that this is all some kind of conspiracy by anarchists and labor.  I wanted to give you a heads up.
Thanks, John