From:   Victoria Sobel <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, October 18, 2011 9:36:33 PM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Last meeting decisions

hey josh heres what i got down- we didnt meet for much longer and it all went really fast:

regarding Thorin, it was proposed that we 

-put out an official press release expressing which livestream accounts/websites officially represent OWS (consensed)

-put out an official statements through one of our channels identifying thorins channel as not being responsible to the GA (not consensed)

-Investigate internally how thorin obtained funds/ through third party donations? (withdrawn)


-thorin came to yesterdays meeting and represented himself as the head of the livestream committee->faith asked what his goal was/how will we promote unity->Many people were not in attendance at this meeting

->we will try to get Thorin to the media meeting on Thursday at 5 pm


Other topics that came up:

-are we responsible for helping other occupations?

-how are we going to deal with the stolen or damaged equipt?

-possible warehouse space for storage?-> donations for replacements, or itemized line budget/is it something outside the ga->kickstarter or twitter