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Subject:   Re: Re: [september17discuss] A Letter From One of Your Children-Occupy Indianapolis

Thanks for your interest and help. I am apologize for ranting, but we are in great need of advise. We have had a really bad last two days. We got robbed by a tea partier that came during the day when we had few in attendance and called an emergency GA got their approval and left with blankets, food, and everything we had.  The man who organized the original protest at our Veteran's Park, pulled the plug and abandoned the few that were left behind as they had become mostly homeless that were there because we had what they had not. Food, blankets, and security. Several of us saw what was coming. We started this badly.Without planning or forethought we allowed a group of angry people to move the protest to an occupation at our state capitol. Although I had been following the events that you all were creating. I was only slightly interested in our city's attempt at following New York, I was busy with my life. As my civic duty, I enlisted a girl who was a friend of my oldest daughter. A girl that my wife had openned her eyes as to how the world works. And she was hungry to help. But she seemed overwelmed and asked for our help. So we did, as a whim.While I watched what unfolded. I decided I could help.My attempts to seperate from the occupation failed. So my wife and I helped in every way we could to help those who were brave enough to stay. I attempted to gain enough support to start a commitee to work on an actual occupation. It was presented as a proposal and approved by the GA. As the weather deteriated, so did those who could stay. But our commitee worked very hard to get an occupation established. But as we were working things got worse. We tried to work through it, but yesterday it finally came to a head. A woman who seemed to need psychiatric help from the beginning, but had more or less maintained the occupation from the beginning, which was without tents or sleeping. Although we had plenty of donations, and the State Police did allow us some sleep. It was still a lot to ask of people. And the woman had an episode which resulted in her asaulting another occupier. The episode seemed to cause a pregnant girl to go into labor at only five months. This was the time of the robbery. Dejected the few core members left the homeless at the capitol and pulled out. Several members thought their occupation from their desktops and didn't understand the difficulties of maintaining a presence twenty four hours a day.Particular members were called to a house to plan where to go from here. The core wants to occupy and we all agreed to meet tomorrow night to finish the discussions as to how to go about it. The core group that wants to occupy, not the capitol, but a park. Planned both in how to maintain the occupation and to maintain focus. We want to help those who need it, but we can't be outnumbered and lose the message. Our group has left many of our number wondering what is next. We have lost some ties to the community, we have failed the movement. But there are those of us that want to be where you are now. Indianapolis needs this, the donations from strangers proved this. We have a civic responsibility to rise out of the ashes. We are not giving up, Occupy Cincinatti is willing to help us through this. But I don't want to tarnish all you have done. I am apologizing for all of us. Our only way to make this right is to do it right the second time. The news has left all mention of us out. But the people we failed know what has happened and they will be the people we need to get this back on track. We also cannot leave those homeless that helped us without support.There are three still there now. Then another five are in a warehouse running the livestream.We have a mess that we are all complacent in bringing about. Although I was crtical of the decisions made early on at last nights meeting. I realize my failure to get us out of the trouble I knew we were in, makes me as much the problem as anyone. My ego must be removed from the equation. Our egos must be removed from the equation. We seem lost and only we can find our way. If you get this before our meeting Wednesday at 6pm and you have any insights or guidance I can take to the commitee, I would be honored. I can get email at this address or my phone number is 317-748-2607 I hope you realize the hope you all in New York have given us that have not had any hope for a long time. If I seem overly dramatic, this is only because I feel this is truly our last chance to redeem ourselves as a country, as a planet. This may be the last civilized warning given us all. And I don't want to look back and know I could have tried. Thank you again, I vow my help to the best of my ability in whatever way I can. When we are ready for your help, I promise someone from Indianapolis will get with you. Keep us in your thoughts. Peace, Andy Anderson
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I can't answer all of your questions now, maybe others here can, but the answer to the first one is mixed.  There are no secure communications except maybe with old friends away from electronics.  The contents of this discussion group have already been posted on the web, for example.  We are a transparent movement so this isn't problematic unless you feel a need to keep secrets, which I personally think is a mistake.  Go with your gut.

Thank you for your patience and your impatience, John
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Thank you for your help. Thank you for your encouragement. You may not be the leader, but you are definetly leading the way. And you did force the birth of this movement we all felt was coming, but you gave it life. For that we will all be thankful. Some of us are thankful now. We will have tons of specific questions, the first, is this the proper place to ask them? We are currently reorganizing. Our original web team went way overboard on the websites and has created a maze some people are having problems navigating through. Our lawyers have come back from their convention fired up and ready to help. We will be sitting down with them next week.Our new "tent city" commitee is working at basically starting over at all the areas, logistics, i.t., security, legal, outreach, et. al. We are going forward and learning from what is going on now at the occupation of the capitol. We hope to have a UPS box, a credit union account, and a delivery address by the end of the week.The unions are circling, but won't come out and help as yet, but they want demands. statements, and goals from us to make sure we aren't into drinking KoolAid. We will also have a definite date for phase two. We are running to catch up, but we do now have direction and purpose and we are building teams of great individuals capable of bring so much to the group.
                                                                                      Thanks again and Peace,
                                                                                               Occupy Indianapolis WE ARE THE 99%
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To OWS:  Is it possible that we at OWS NYC can redirect some of our incoming supplies to Indianapolis if we have surplus.  Maybe we can ask some of our supporters to send them some pizza also.  :)

To OP:  Your basic strategy sounds very good to me.  Mostly what we have to offer you is encouragement.  As a movement the "occupies" are all already very successful, though we have a long way to go.  And my personal advice is to be impatient with the 1%, but very patient with each other and the process.  Consensus is like a river, very slow, but very powerful.  Let your members exercise their creativity.  I am always shocked at how resourceful my colleagues are, and how their craziest ideas are often turn out to be great ones.  Make sure to constantly put out messages about what you are doing and what you need.  And while I am waxing philosophical, Bruce Lee said, "Be like water."  Follow the path of least resistance, but always flow toward your objective.  Sun Tzu said, the greatest general captures the enemy army whole, without fighting.
Also try to be specific about what kinds of things and advice you need. 
And the last thing, stop calling us "leader"  ;)   We are all the leader.
On 10/15/11, Andy Anderson<> wrote:
Dear Parent
We are out there and I am sure you have noticed. We are those who
originally yearned to be with you, but realized the need to make this
global so we stayed home and built our own groups in your likeness.
But some of us are getting the s*** kicked out of us and some of us
are losing the message and some of us are succeeding beyond our
original expectations, but most of us are just working to make this
work day to day. We are your children and we look to you for support,
encouragement, and guidance. For our part you have been there. And you
have been a great help to date. But we still need more and although we
realize that is a burden you probably hesitate to lift, we ask you
anyway. That being said Occupy Indianapolis would greatly appreciate
any assistance you can give us.

We are currently occupying the Indiana State Capitol Building, but
with no tents and no sleeping. We have good relations with the police
and the media, but only superficially. Nobody really knows what to
expect and the media is focusing on our cleanliness and politeness.But
we are planning an occupation of the area near our river where the
city has pushed the homeless to, so they are out of sight for the
Super Bowl. We are planning an occupation along the lines of Boston,
in operation, but with a hospital, cafeteria, and outreach for the
homeless. It just so happens the land we are planning to occupy is
owned by Eli Lilly, who we are sure agreed with the mayor in getting
the "riff raff" out of sight for those coming to our fine city. We are
hoping to bring the media into this and use them to garner public
support both for the homeless and ourselves and thus maintain our
occupation. They are the 99% percent as well. We are also wanting to
extend a hand to the Hispanic Community that until recently did not
really have a voice. This has all been approved by the GA, But it is
the committee's job to make this happen and winter is coming fast.

The hospital group is trying to pull in volunteers from the local
hospitals to do shifts. But we are having problems with medical
supplies. The area we are planning to occupy is sloped to the river,
so we will have to dig shelves into the side of the incline to make
areas for tents. The area is wooded and off the beaten track so we are
looking at ways to bring in people and supplies in large quantities.
We are looking to unions for labor and manpower to reshape the area.
We have been warned by the trade unions to keep the AFL-CIO at arms
reach until we are large enough to keep them in their place. To make
this as quick as possible, we are brainstorming. But the differnce
between brainstorming and action seems quite large right now. So what
I am asking for is any suggestions, comments, warnings,
encouragements, ect. that you can lend us. Also can you create a
library of "how to" workshops like the GA orientation that was on
livestream last night,to help facilitate training? Another concern was
as our parent, can you organize a group meeting between the various
occupy groups so we can compare notes and concerns amoung all the
groups? Maybe a GA meeting along the lines that Anonymous came up with
for governing, a kind of electronic consensus tool. Lastly, for those
looking in the future, can we come up with a form of communication
that cannot be cut, should the powers that be decide they are tired of
playing and take the internet and cell phones away. We don't see this
as immediate, but someday our successes may make this necessary.Thank
you all again for starting this, encouraging us, and leading us.


Occupy Indianapolis WE ARE THE 99%