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Sent time:   Tuesday, October 18, 2011 10:20:22 PM
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Justin Wedes
Educator & Activist
Brooklyn, NY

will you #occupy?

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Date: October 18, 2011 11:37:35 PM EDT
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Subject: shout out

Dear Occupy Wall Street People,

This is to shout out love and respect to all of those people who came to help us to move this weekend.  That was a really strong sign of support and I am very inspired that it happened.

Also, we are so very much grateful for letting us store the artworks of artists who could not arrange pickups. All the artists are sending you lots of thanks

I am beginning to have more time, and starting to read and see everything that’s been out this past couple of weeks.  What a great show!! Thank you again, everybody!  Though I have been hearing the negativities…. oh well, there is always something. But I have learned some special tectonics  to solve problems.  And we have a Great Team. So, I  will have a full on detailed official statement with all appropriate transparencies that you all dig in the next couple of days, for those who are interested to know what and how it all went down in the Loft at 23 Wall street.  I will put the statement  up on our, and face book, and twitter,  and anywhere else they’ll take it.  We have nothing to hide, we will be very clear. Its all about peace, after all.

Also, There was some stress at the premises; sorry.  I just hope it did not hurt anybody’s feelings. We all know it’s all for the greater cause in the bigger picture)  

With that said, I want to once again thank everyone who showed support and helped in the gallery, all the artists, and all the friends, it was an amazing experience working so close with you people.

Many of you I’ve met are incredible people, all of you together – are powerful.

Rock on.


PS: I am looking forward to learn about your platforms. Please send me some info.