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alwan for the arts is a good place.  in zuccotti, i set up the collapsable white screen at/above the "library" area.  it can be used (when not too windy) to screen films after ga that are captioned (no amplified sound unless that can be addressed somehow).  the blank facade of the building across the west end of the park is another location option.

am guessing arts and culture would be the group to contact.

white hat  

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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Fwd: Films at Liberty Plaza?

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Subject: Films at Liberty Plaza?
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Hey All,

I have been contacted by some independent filmmakers and distributors, specifically Beth Portello and Katie Galloway, who are interested in showing films at or near Zuccotti. Can you all let us know who to contact about this?

I know some films have been screened on the buildings with subtitles. There are also two spaces very close by that could probably be of service -- Alwan for the Arts and Walker Street Stage.

Please give us specific ideas and people to contact as to how to make this happen.

Arun Gupta
The Indypendent