From:   Lauren <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, October 19, 2011 8:59:05 AM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: Advice to #occupywallstreet from Matt Taibbi

"and tie a bridge between good white people

and all of us immigrants of color"


Wait, what? The black working class has historically had to fight

against a lot of both historically and at least asian immigrant

communities were just as likely to be right wing and racist towards

them as european ones (I have neither personal observations nor data

for latin americans), at least until muslims became convenient

scapegoat. Class is pretty damn important, race is pretty damn

important, gender is pretty damn important, sexual minorities are

pretty damn important, that's why it's called intersections.


Focusing on only one issue gave us bourgeois feminists who ignore

queer and minority women, "gay marriage activists" who only care about

the plight of wealthy white homosexuals, the homophobia of the black

church, etc.