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I gotta say, I'm not a huge fan. I agree with a ton of what is on there but I feel that they are issues best left to elected representatives. I feel we should work on fixing our representative system first so we know that the agreements they come to are because of their constituents and not because of private donors giving a ton of money. We gotta keep in mind the demographics or the US as a whole if we want to be effective
(As an example, I am an immigrant so I know how badly immigration reform is needed. Unfortunately, it is a very toxic issue for a lot of voters, especially here in North Carolina. Although I would like to see it included due to broad support, I know that including it will turn off a lot of people. Better to focus on fixing the system and then letting it take its course.)

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I haven't been payin much attation to the demands comittie (I'm not even on there list serve) although I have gone to there meetings which is how i got in the times, however from what littie i follow i don't think this is there's or at least not something they approved.

- Dave Haack

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Not bad!

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I believe it was created by the Demands Committee.

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