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Sent time:   Wednesday, October 19, 2011 10:42:42 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: Hot Chicks on Wall Street makes me fucking sick

Hi again,

Just wanted to apologize quickly for my harsh tone and foul language. Although I do feel strongly enough about this to curse up and down, I also realize that this kind of reaction is rather unconstructive, particularly on a forum such as this. I sincerely hope that nobody is offended. I fully intend to approach any future discussions with a far more thoughtful and reasoned tone.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Morgan Buck <> wrote:
Hey all,

Don't know if everyone has seen this yet:

If so, please disregard. I just saw it though and I find it downright disgusting and fucked up, a total disservice to the movement and everything that we stand for. This being said, I understand that some women/other people may not share my opinions or sensibilities. I'd love it if there were some folks—maybe related to safer spaces, or maybe some new formation—that would be into talking about/dealing with this shit and the way that it represents women and the occupation/movement in general.

Oh, and the original video/Tumblr is also getting a fair bit of coverage, Some good (Jezebel - "Point-Missing Dudes"); Some meh (Alternet - "Really Bro?"); And some awful and/or sofuckingweirdandoffensiveIcantbelieveitexists (SF Chronicle blog - "Deal With It")

Also, this would maybe be a good segue into talking about a more general need: the organization of women voices about this, and other potentially awesome and/or alienating aspects of the movement, both in and out of the Square.

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