From:   Justin Wedes <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, October 19, 2011 10:50:36 AM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] The drummers or the Occupation - EMERGENCY

+1000 Jon and Jesse. 

Let's stick to the Good Neighbor Policy that was (eventually) agreed to by consensus.

On Oct 19, 2011, at 12:39 PM, Jon Good wrote:

The other night, it was fantastic that the drummers stopped themselves at 7.  Yesterday, the drum circle turned into a daytime march to bring the noise to TriBeCa and beyond.  I don't know if/when they got back. 

Keep doing this!  Drumming is exciting, expressive, and immediately accessible to people who are just joining the movement, but they don't realize on day 3 what constant drumming feels like by day 7.  Or by day 30.  Moreover, because our movement is growing, the people who participated and came to a consensus on responsible drumming yesterday are not the same folks playing the drums today.

So whoever has had success keeping the drummers in check, please, we love you, keep on doing it!

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Jason Jones <> wrote:
Within the next couple days (tmrw) 100+ people who live in close proximity to Zuccotti will be attending a community board meeting. There they will unleash their pent up fury. The bongo drummers have finally pushed them to their wits end. OWS IS OVER! The political support that has been sustaining the camp will evaporate. The only option that I believe could possibly save the situation (given the political dynamics) is if there were an organizer who could pull together a large bloc of musicians of color to go down there and push the bongo players out (with unrelenting but "non violent" force). It would have to be done in concert a press conference of some sort where OWS takes the side of the community against the drummers.
I know there are a lot of things going on but this is about to end the Occupation and turn public support against overnight use of public space in NYC
I hate to say it but this has to trump other initiatives.
The drummers have to go and be gone for good. No more drumming period and they have to get publically tossed by OWS preempting the community board meeting/ press event.

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