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Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] letter from a Senior in rural america

there's a time bank we can partner with.


it's essentially the same concept...






On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:25 PM, J B <> wrote:

> I know a guy in Boston who was working on a web platform to enable something

> just like this! Totally forgot about it. Let me reach out...


> On Oct 19, 2011 3:21 PM, "Michael Premo" <> wrote:


>> soooo, i have no idea what to do with this letter, because it was so

>> earnest and sincere.  and what she's talking about is a Skill Bank, which is

>> a great idea.  so i'm sharing it with these two lists:


>> Dear Michael.


>> Hurray for you.  I saw you last night on Hardball and am so proud of your

>> efforts.  I only wish I could be there to do something.  I live north of

>> Seattle, am a senior and cannot afford cross-country travel.  I hope to do

>> my part in the Seattle OWS efforts.  I am proud to say our sons are social

>> activists and very concerned about the state of our country as well.


>> We all believe in Occupy Wall Street.  My concern is the same as Christ

>> Matthews question… "how to define the purpose… how to state the purpose

>> effectively for the greatest impact.  I feel as time passes this will be

>> stated.


>> However, in this process I want to share an idea I have had for a long

>> time but have never known how to put it in place.  Perhaps OWS is the place

>> to try.  I'm 65 yrs old, vibrant and effective on a small scale so I pass

>> this idea on to any of you in hopes something BIG like this could happen.  I

>> think it would be a great help and get some positive media attention.


>> So many folks are hurting.  So many folks need help but don't know where

>> to go to seek it.  It may be as simple as needing a ride to register to

>> vote, or needing someone to help get a copy of their birth certificate so

>> they can prove their identity so they are not disenfranchised in the 2012

>> election.  Maybe there is a man or woman out there that needs help drafting

>> a resume, or someone who needs a cavity filled, a new pair of glasses…

>> someone to lend them a hand until they get back on their feet.


>> I thought of a slogan several years ago and thought how effective this

>> could be if a national non-profit could be formed with a master plan to

>> create a publication (sort of like Craig's List) where people could post

>> their needs and others could post their skills and willingness to help.

>> When efforts are made to connect people much can be accomplished.  People

>> can take it into their own hands to help each other.  Maybe someone can do

>> laundry for another who does not own their own washer, maybe that person can

>> trade for a skill they possess.  Why not call it:


>> "Lend US A Hand"


>> Could this idea be started on the streets where the OWS people gather?  A

>> seed idea, perhaps a sign up tables to start the process.  Someone llike

>> Tyler Combelic who spoke alongside you on Hardball could design a website

>> since this is his skill.


>> What would the news media say about this proactive process?  They would

>> cover it for sure, especially if it was successful… people helping people as

>> a way of showing concern for others while the OWS develops into a more

>> powerful movement and purpose.


>> The hurting people in this country aren't asking for a hand-out, they

>> simply need someone to "lend" USA a hand".  It's a simple concept with power

>> and healing at it's core.


>> Respectfully,


>> Kathleen Eichert


>> Resident of WA state.




>> Michael Premo


>> c. 917.547.1292











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