From:   Tarak Kauff <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, October 19, 2011 3:30:05 PM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: [september17discuss] urgent update from your brothers and sisters in Freedom Plaza

Brothers, sisters, comrades,


Freedom Plaza, DC. Wed. Oct. 19. The Park Service came by again

today. They are having lots of talks about what to do with us.

Getting pressure from above to close us down. They are being told by

the administration that there are laws that need to be enforced. When

we pushed on a timeline he said his guess was one to two weeks. No

decision has been made but his comments had an air of inevitability

about them. He said he would give us warning, hand out notices etc.

before acting. The Park Service has been straight with us all along.

So we have a situation so far of mutual respect. We told them from the

beginning our intention was to stay, permit or not. We intend also to

be straight with the Park Service as we have from the start - let them

know we intend to try and stay as that has always been our intention,

that we understand their position and respect it as we expect them to

respect ours. And that whatever happens, we will do our utmost to

insure that our side will abide by the principles of nonviolent

resistance. They are in a tough spot as are we. No hard feelings and

no animosity towards the Park Service. Respect. But we need to defend

our turf. We have some time to alert people so we can get the numbers

up on the day they come to evict. We need to try and recreate in DC

the solidarity and resistance that happened in NYC (myself and a

number of us from Freedom Plaza were there) on the day the police had

been instructed to move the people out for cleaning (sic). We will

keep you all posted as to developments.