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 lots of groups are embedded in the system.  If we make enemies of everyone embedded in the system, we'll get really lonely.  unions re in the system.  media is in the system.  we don't need to attack everyone, but have principles that state what we stand for, and call out actions that go against those principals.  All of the people that I personally know from moveon are trying to make life better for working people and take back power from the corporations.  I don't know what the leadership is about, but we need their 5 million members on our side.  I see all of their attempts to cozy up to us as our co-opting them.
Their demands are not our demands, we have our own movement, but if their demands made it through congress it wouldn't hurt us.  
On 10/19/11, Thadeaus<> wrote:
I am not so worried about what appears to me to be feeble attempts on
the part of MoveOn to co-opt us, but I wanted to respond to the last
point. I think that because they are so "embedded in the current
system" that that makes them an enemy, until they prove otherwise.
Same goes for the police who yes are part of the 99% but so far stand
with and protect the 1%.

MoveOn's list of goals are, especially in the case of the last one,
contrary to the goals of myself and many who are part of this
movement. They seem to say that they are planning to make demands on
congress to pass legislation. I am against making demands other than
for autonomy and freedom. I am not sleeping on the ground in Liberty
Plaza so that someone in Washington will better represent me. I don't
have any faith left in Washington or this system. What I want is
already here in Liberty Plaza and I want to make it spread.


On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 9:31 PM, <> wrote:
> We have no demands, but moveon has a list of democratically generated
> demands that are not adverse to our goals.  They may or may not be too
> embedded in the current system to save the world, but they are not the
> enemy.
> On 10/18/11, Jon Good<> wrote:
> If you read the email, they say in it exactly what they're spending the
> money on.  Granted, I don't trust moveOn farther than I can throw them, but
> right now I think we can throw them as far as encouraging people to move
> their money out of big banks.
> Solidarity,
> Jon