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Bill Kristol and David Brooks are desperate, that is why they are pulling the anti-semitic accusations.  I'm not sure how to respond to demands by Jewish groups to denounce the idiots that have made headlines - but don't rush into anything!  This is merely an example of how totally terrified and desperate the neocons are by the power of the OWS movement!

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Expose the Emergency Committee for Israel for what it really is: a right wing political advocacy group that is not actually interested in Israel at all, but in manipulating Jewish voters through false propaganda. The group was created and is led by William Kristol. Google it up.

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Rachel Abrams, a higher-up at ECI, who ran that ad, today came out in support of a genocide against Palestinian Arab children. So much for hate speech.

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I don't have a complete answer to Jackie's important question -- although I'll find out more about the group promoting this campaign.
About a week ago I saw one anti-Semitic sign being held up by a guy, and right next to him was a woman with a hand-written sign obviously written for the occasion with an arrow pointing at him and saying "He doesn't represent OWS." I thought that was a comradely, proactive start.
Of course at pro-Palestine demos when we see antiSemitic signs we remove the offender (with numbers, not laying hands on), and there's no room for debate about it OWS probably isn't at that stage of marshaling.

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keep moving in the right direct with transparency and integrity. Haters are going to hate. 

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