From:   kindofblue <>
Sent time:   Wednesday, October 19, 2011 11:46:16 PM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: 10/29 Robin Hood Global March

If OWS is to do this I believe we should either not name a specific

number or stick to the number endorsed by a wide range of people

including economists like Krugman & Stiglitz. I don't think that we

should come up with an arbitrary number (or let adbusters propose an

arbitrary number).


I imagine a 1-5% financial transactions tax would have very negative

effects on the liquidity of markets. Of course I haven't studied it,

which is why I am not proposing the exact number and prefer to stick

to the one endorsed by Stiglitz/Krugman/Katz and others.