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thanks--perhaps a new group--i too have a lot to learn.... ive been asking for it--global democracy and economics, ever since Cesar mentioned the statement by occupations of the GA of mexico--perhaps those analysis will somehow contribute to this movement,  not sure, but i would be interested in such a discussion before things get reified and officially declared "post" beyond discussion.

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I agree with Shaista on the importance of the Arab revolution. That is why I have been working with the Freedom Square coalition, which unites folks from across the Middle East and North Africa, and why I have been obsessively forwarding to lists and posting on Facebook news of the unions and new parties in Egypt (such as the Democratic Workers Party and the Revolutionary Socialists which helped found it).
You just haven't seen me do so on this list yet -- be careful what you ask for! :)  

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the greeks are the brown folks of europe--how about you take a slight look further south--i adore all you well meaning leftists, but for a moment, my lovely comrades, stop hailing europe as the official "political" center--your geopolitical valorizing of all things european gets on my nerves because this was the position of stalin and the comintern, the most vulgar economics--that history and progress, understood in linear stages, with europe as most advanced, gave agency of progressive change, assuming incorrectly, that progressive change could only be in the hands of the working class of europe. from that point on marxism is flawed and so too anarchism, of which i am a syndacalist. We have come a long way from that vulgar notion of progress and see clearly where that has led to--state absolutism...and victory for capitalism. History has proven that revolution comes from the bottom up. I salute the european revolutionaries--soon the occupations will spread to germany and rest of NATO superstars domestically, they will confront the troika... but do you realize what is being waged further south in Tahrir--4000 dead maybe more--flesh and bones have sacrificed, children are at the forefront --syria, bahrain, palestine--(while we do not even demand that the USNATO get out of the war in Libya..nor make any anti-war statements here in OWS against our military occupations) The life and death battle is in the South--the unions that have emerged in Tahrir are mighty strong, comrades, leading the way forward.
in solidarity,

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Well, according to David Harvey, Jameson and Frankfurt school, who've written in length on the condition of the 'post' as it relates to modernity, industrialization, or 'late capitalism' --we are in a condition of time/space compression, within a mutant and schizophrenic cultural production dictated by metanarratives that impose a "natural law" as if this is the absolute way things are, beyond reach. To accept that, and declare ourselves postpolitical, is to give in to Lyotard's end of history argument--victory of capitalism and victory of a cycle of recurring self referential eurocentric repetition. For us colonials, hell no, we have just begun to properly dismantle colonial itself.


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So true, Shaista!
Now the GREEKS are political: they have actual leftist parties, some of which were with the masses yesterday trying to occupy the (political) Parliament to stop the (political) austerity vote in hopes of leading to a new (political) world.
Time for us to learn to speak Greek (and walk like an Egyptian)!

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how can we be post political when we have yet to be political? We are in fact, compared to movements outside the U.S "prepolitical" in my humble opinion.we have a lot to learn and catch up on.. so post means we have moved beyond something--i doubt it, if we want to move beyond something, let;s try to move beyond chauvinism.

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We are very political.� Post-political sounds orwellian to me.
On 10/19/11, Justine<> wrote:
I like where you guys brought this statement. �I'll probably find somewhere on the website to post this tonight and add in the term "post-political" which is a new term I came up with for describing this movement that has so far received a great deal of consensus. �Thoughts?

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After a long, raging consensus process on this listserv, the following Statement of the General Assembly of People Occupying Wall Street will be proposed at tonight's GA�

The Democratic and Republican parties do not represent the people, because they've been bought and corrupted by Wall Street, and the occupation does not support their candidates.�In collusion with both parties, only the top 1% has profited at the expense of everyone else. We have moved beyond false hopes, submission�to�eloquent speeches, and populist manipulation.�We rely on cooperation and solidarity to imagine and create the changes needed for a sustainable world.�From diverse multicultural, racial, ethnic, social, sexual and gender backgrounds and from�different walks of life, we have begun to unite on common ground�to oust�the global financial powers that have bought our governments and�who�hold us hostage to their greed.�