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Subject: Fwd: ACTION ALERT: Join Occupy Wall Street march to Spectra

Pipeline hearing 10/20



Hi all,

Anyone who is able, please go along for this *march tomorrow (details below)

* to raise awareness about the Spectra Pipeline, which is being planned to

bring fracked natural gas to NYC. Stopping this pipeline is one of the

major ways that NYC residents can refuse to be recipients of fracked gas,

and disrupt the infrastructure build up that's being created to support a

falsely inflated market demand for natural gas extracted through this

incredibly toxic and destructive method.


If you can't make the march, please consider:

1. Attending the hearing itself:* Thursday, Oct. 20th, 7pm at P.S. 41, 116

West 11th Street (between 6th /7th avenues)* as an audience member, just to

grow the crowd and show the level of concern.


2. Signing this petition:



3. Learning more about the Spectra Pipeline on the Sane Energy Project



4. Calling your NY City Council member's office to tell them you want NYC

to focus on developing green energy options, which DON'T include fracked

natural gas.


Hope to see some of you tomorrow! Forward like mad.





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Subject: ACTION ALERT: Join Occupy Wall Street march to Spectra Pipeline

hearing 10/20

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        Join Occupy Wall Street march to Spectra Pipeline hearing 10/20


Gabrielle Engh of Sane Energy Project, Dave Publow of United for Action, and

Goldi Merhige of Occupy Wall Street have organized a march and rally for the

Spectra pipeline hearing to be held tomorrow Oct. 20th.


*Marchers will leave Zuccotti Park at 5pm.* Approximately 20 people will be

dressed in hazmat suits. Arrive at 4:30pm and be prepared to leave promptly

at 5pm. Meet at the sustainability table, near the prayer flags at the north

edge of Zucotti Park, mid-block (look for the recycling gear and gray water

recycling plant). Wear your best anti-frack gear and bring signs that say

"BOOM" and "Stop the Spectra Pipeline," or join Gabrielle and Ray today in

Zucotti Park to make signs and attend the direct action group (11am near

trinity cemetery--ask anyone in park for the direct action meeting place).


*If you oppose fracking, then this is one of the major ways we can

stop it.*This pipeline is a major infrastructure project that will

enable the

conversion of all of NYC's buses, boilers and power plants to methane; it

will encourage more fracking in PA and upstate NY. It will endanger lives

and businesses downtown and in Jerey City and Staten Island. It will bring

fracked and potentially radioactive gas to all 5 boroughs. A mass turnout is

needed to draw media attention and make clear the level of opposition to

this project. Thank you for your participation.


*Please forward widely.*


To reach Zucotti Park:

4,5, 2, 3, J, M trains to Fulton Street

Look for the large red Mark Di Suvero sculpture at the park's eastern e

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