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meh, just google Wonkette Paultards and the snark will make you feel so much better!

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note the subject line

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You said: "And yet you appear to be trying to coopt OWS yourselves� If I have misrepresented your economic views, forgive me, but David you seem to have Ron Paul-style, right-wing libertarian views concerning a wing of the financial elite. Am I wrong about that? Are you, instead, in favor of unions? Are you in favor of more public jobs, of more control by working people over the economy? Please disabuse me of my fears about your platform if I am mistaken. Andy"

Yes you are mistaken if you think that Ron Paul is a typical status quo establishment right winger. �How many right wingers do you know who want to end the drug war legalize marijuana , decriminalize prostitution , bring all the troops home from everywhere on earth and stop foreign aid ? Huh? The financial "elite" you are speaking of I assume are the corrupt crony capitalist that have profited off a regulator environment that has allowed them take bail outs while Americans lose their jobs and their houses? �To that I say that is the exact reason Paul should be president as it is intention to put an end to it . �OWS needs�co opting�because most of you don't have a clear and�crystallized�message. OWS was first started by Anonymous and the intention was to get money out of government. To end crony capitalism , special interest and buying politicians. Seems like if you had eyes to see and ears to hear you would know that Ron Paul plans to just that.�