From:   LaurenD <>
Sent time:   Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:58:47 PM
To:   september17 <>
Subject:   [september17discuss] Open Forum needs volunteer hosts and facilitators!

Hi! I am Lauren of th Open Forum Subcommittee, part of the Empowerment

and Education Committee.

We have been bringing community organizers, unions, minorities,

immigrants, workers, students and academics, to give talks and lead

discussions at Liberty Square. The Open Forum is at everyday 6pm and

we have some extra editions.


So the Open Forums are going great and we are getting tons of emails

of people that would love to bring educational events to the OWS

movement. The thing is, we are having trouble scheduling because we do

not have enough people to host these events. When we invite someone to

come to the Square, there needs to be somebody of the OWS movement

that can welcome them and assist them.


Hosts meets lecturers at the Square, makes signs for the Open Forum,

makes room for the Open Forum to take place, shushes the drummers,

announces throught human mike that the Open Forum is starting, and

helps facilitate the open discussion after the presentation. It is a

lot of fun, it is an opportunity to meet very inspiring people, and

you will also learn!

We need at least 3 hosts per event (now we usually have 1 and we are

getting really stressed out due to the high number of lectureres that

want to participate)


Please email us if you want to help coordinating these events

You don´t have to do it regularly, just check the calendar

and email us if there is an Open Forum that interests you.