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This is great.

I will be there at Thursday's training.


On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 10:25 AM, Christopher Rogy

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> This is excellent. Premo, please contact me if you need assistance in the

> Thursday training. Iam available. Also, Im working on a new video advocacy

> toolkit at WITNESS that might be of assistance to folks as we all begin

> training. here's a link... The tool let's you save work as a user, there's

> 12 chapters based on the Video for Change textbook.


> Best,

> Chris


> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 11:26 PM, Michael Premo <> wrote:


>> This is from my friends Una Osata, Ora Wise, Shreya Shah and a bunch of

>> other folks I'm mistakenly forgetting in my sleep haze:


>> Hello Media Makers!-


>> YES, media is really important. BUT sometimes it actually isnt the most

>> important thing. The bottom line of the media trainings we do is that if our

>> messaging is sincere and we internalize it, we will not only succeed in

>> making better media, but we will succeed in movement building...which IS

>> important.


>> Although there is concern about people who are unclear or unaccountable to

>> the broader movement speaking in the media, many people at Occupy Wall

>> Street have the messages, in some ways, and what we really need to think

>> about at this point is the process of representation in a larger and deeper

>> way, more than "good interview" or "bad interview".

>> ‪


>> - Based on conversations with people involved in the OWS PR working group,

>> media working group, and POC working group, it seems that there needs to be

>> a three part process for moving forward:


>> 1) Media trainings that offer a wider and more diverse circle of people

>> the experience and skills they need to feel confident and competent

>> representing OWS in the mainstream and community media. These trainings need

>> to address the systems and experiences that can be barriers to a more

>> diverse group of people feeling empowered to engage in media-making or being

>> in the media. We can only transform this movement and the media we produce

>> through directly addressing how white supremacy, patriarchy, ageism,

>> ableism, and other oppressive systems of thought and resource allocation

>> have been holding our movement media-making back. We can change that!


>> 2) The media working group of OWS has awesome ideas and really powerful

>> and skilled people in it but it needs more support in creating positive,

>> educational, and personal media pieces that can be easily used in a broad

>> range of contexts and that are supported by a realistic and effective

>> distribution strategy that reaches the widest number of people. Podcasts,

>> digital stories, and other 3-10 minute engaging and dynamic media pieces

>> that people can learn how to produce and then provide for download (as well

>> as distribute on flashdrives, cds, etc) are great ways to make media

>> accessible because they necessitate skills sharing within the movement and

>> then provide tools for outreach and education that are short and sweet and

>> to the point.


>> 3) The overall strategy for OWS media- both engaging with mainstream media

>> and producing our own- needs to be strengthened and streamlined. The effort

>> and accomplishments of the people who have been working their asses off over

>> the past month or so is evident and impressive.  Now we are moving into the

>> next phase during which we need to figure out better ways of channeling and

>> controlling the mainstream media's approach to OWS coverage (including but

>> not limited to figuring out how to channel more of their interviews to

>> accountable and clear representatives, us shaping the narrative more,etc).


>> Strengthening our strategy for OWS media might include training a larger

>> number of people to be confident and accountable representatives, increasing

>> our capacity to produce our own media and get it out into the world,

>> developing systems of trained people intercepting and escorting mainstream

>> media when they arrive on the scene, etc.


>> In light of all of this and in response to concerns and requests for

>> support from OWS organizers working on PR and producing media, we have

>> formed an ad hoc media training facilitation group.  We are offering two

>> trainings this week:


>> Sunday, 12:45-2:30pm

>> Thursday, 630-8pm


>> LOCATION?! Atrium?

>> ‬


>> --

>> Ora Wise


>> Michael Premo





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