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The Daily Occupations Report_10/21

This report includes updates from Occupy sites and related efforts
across the country and the globe. It includes big wins, local
organizing efforts, protests/events and calls to action where
additional support from allies/general public may be needed. Where
applicable, I have included reports on police activity and legal
battles which have been separated into two categories:  Category 1
[police crackdowns] and Category 2 [civil disobedience arrests]

For more updates from occupations around the country, listen to the
Occupation America podcast at

Wall St. - TODAY: Occupy Wall St. could be facing a possible eviction
notice.  Mayor Bloomberg said that Occupy Wall Street protesters
should expect a crackdown on their camp in lower Manhattan. He warned
that the city is going to start enforcing laws requiring demonstrators
to acquire permits for marches and large gatherings. MONDAY: An OWS
branch will occupy the Federal Reserve Bank

Atlanta  - TODAY: Holding a press conference to address statements
from the Mayor.  On Friday, Mayor Kasim Reed claimed that Occupy
Atlanta has cost the city $30K. In an open letter response to the
Mayor earlier today, OA said they have no idea where that number came
from. They wrote: This city has spent millions on making public spaces
inaccessible to the homeless, rather than using those resources to
build the infrastructure to support people without homes. Since Occupy
Atlanta took the park we’ve created space for the homeless to be with
us. We provide 800 meals a day, blankets, clean clothing, and medical
supplies to the homeless. Many of the homeless have joined our
committees, volunteered to help cook food, or plugged in some other
way. They are treated with dignity and are recognized for their
valuable contributions to our movements. We are here to help Atlanta,
and the work has already begun. Instead of complaining small
expenditures that you wasted on services we don’t want, perhaps you
should roll up your sleeves and spend that money on real issues of
social concern.   TOMORROW: Occupy Atlanta will hold a Speak-Out
Against Homelessness event Saturday @5m.

 Boston - Occupy Boston has also made an inclusive space for Boston’s
homeless population. The head of the safety team at the tent city told
WBZ NewsRadio 1030 that the homeless are part of the 99 percent of
America who are disenchanted with the way things are going in this
country.   TOMORROW: Occupy the Hood Boston and Occupy Boston will
have a day of Solidarity. In recognition of the 16th annual National
Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, activists from Occupy Boston
will be joining activists from Occupy the Hood in a joint
demonstration of strength and solidarity against police brutality.
“Not only will we be rallying against recent police repression of our
movement, both in Boston and nationally; more importantly, we’ll be
rallying against the police violence experienced by poor folks and
communities of color every day in this country. What’s more, we’ll be
rallying on the one year anniversary of a recent, unresolved case of
police brutality in Boston: the beating of a 16 year old boy arrested
at Roxbury Community College, just blocks from BPD headquarters .”

Cedar Rapids – YESTERDAY: Two supportive citizens donated space in the
Matyk building to Occupy Cedar Rapids. Occupy Cedar Rapids group
members will now hold their nightly meetings at the Matyk building at
1029 Third St. SE.

Cincinnati -  OccupyCincinnati faced eviction and [Cat. 1] arrests
overnight. They are asking supporters to donate to the Occupy
Cincinnati Defense Fund
CALL TO ACTION:  Donate here

Denver - Occupy Denver will hold a concert and rally tomorrow @10am to
celebrate their continued occupation. The group has also found a new
space by the highway (donated temporarily by the landlord). Donated
space, especially indoor space could be a means to sustain the
movement through the winter in areas currently battling severe drops
in temperature.

Los Angeles -  THIS WEEK: Occupy LA targets FOX/NewsCorp.   A British
Member of Parliament scheduled to join News Corp stockholders inside
Fox’s Zanuck Theatre is expected to address Occupy LA protesters in
front of the studio on Pico Boulevard before heading into the meeting.
Labor Party MP Tom Watson, a key figure in the Parliament’s
investigation of the phone-hacking scandal, has said he plans to
present new allegations of other types of technological surveillance
methods News Corp has used in addition to phone hacking by
representatives of the now-defunct News of the World    THURSDAY: Los
Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa refused to issue an open-ended
invitation to Occupy LA protestors camped on City Hall’s lawn. Last
week, the City Council passed a resolution supporting Occupy LA, and
Council President Eric Garcetti told protestors *stay as long as you
need.* However, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is not making a similar
commitment. The mayor pointed out Occupy LA’s 500 tents on City Hall
lawns are costing $2,700 a day in police, sanitation and other
expenses. Damage to the law and sprinklers could top $400,000,
according to one city official.

Minneapolis  - [Cat.1] In an action that resulted in seven arrests,
Occupy Wall Street protesters in Minneapolis Thursday took their
almost two-week long protest to U.S. Bank, a frequent target of
protesters’ criticism that corporations and banks dominate the
political system. The arrests occurred after about 100 protesters took
control of 2nd Avenue South and 6th Street South in downtown
Minneapolis after rallying at the U.S. Bank building for more than an

Oakland -  OVERNIGHT: Occupiers were given a notice by city officials
to vacate Frank Ogawa Plaza, but the order was not enforced overnight
and demonstrators say they don't plan on leaving. THURSDAY: Occupy
Oakland demonstrated against Chase Bank and it unwillingness to
renegotiate mortgages.

Phoenix - Day 6 of Occupy Phoenix could be losing steam. Reports that
there are more protest signs than protesters in Cesar Chavez Plaza.

Portland -  Occupy Portland has stepped up its effort to police
itself, especially after Mayor Sam Adams warned that the occupiers’
behavior will determine how the city will deal with them. The group
received a letter of support from the Laborers’ Local 483: We are the
900 member public employee union who build and maintain the
infrastructure of your City of Portland. We stand in solidarity with
the Occupy Together movement to confront the injustice of economic
inequality, the scapegoating of working class people, the vilification
of labor unions, the exploitation of the unemployed and underemployed,
and the corporate takeover of the Americas and the world. When Occupy
Portland is over, we will still be standing with you.  SATURDAY:
Occupy Portland will head to Vancouver to  union campaigns, we will
also be sending a message to Senator Patty Murray, co-chair of the
Congressional Super-Committee, which is poised to make cuts to Social
Security, Medicare and Medicaid, that these programs should not be cut
one cent! 11am mtg @ I-5 bridge

Sacramento - Mayor Johnson visited Occupy Sacramento demonstrators
TODAY and received a generally friendly welcome from protesters. OS is
entering its third week.

San Francisco -  TODAY: Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine will
be @ Occupy San Francisco @ 4pm- Justin Herman Plaza

San Jose -  San Jose police arrested eight Occupy Wall Street
protesters and cited one man in a wheelchair early Friday for
violating a city ordinance that forbids camping out on city property.

San Luis Obispo - Will hold a rally and march at the courthouse

Seattle - Occupy Seattle visited the Today Show and held up signs for
supporting Jobs Not Cuts.


Melbourne - Occupy Melbourne is facing several [Cat. 1]arrest charges
after the police raided their camp earlier this evening. The CBD
entered the camp armed with riot gear and proceeded to block in
protesters using a barricade in order to keep citizens from entering
or exiting the campsite. There were several reports of police
assaulting protestors.

UK - St. Paul's Cathedral says it may be time for the OccupyLSX
protesters gathered outside the iconic church to leave.

**The Daily Occupation Report is compiled by Rebuild the Dream using
information gathered from online news sites, Twitter, blogs and other
sources of occupation-related updates. You are welcome to share this
report. Find it at

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