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Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] results of the cluster proposal?

Dear comrades, no matter what structure is imposed on the GA or whatever happens with the clusters vote.... It is clear that the issue is one of rampant racism that needs to be addressed across the board. Here is another report of serious discrimination, that goes unchecked here at GA, and People of Color caucus can not "educate," as has been stated in that proposal--which i am confused about--but obviously we all need to take action.

So, while i disagree with some of the conclusion this writer makes in the report below "ie --she claims the people of color working here in OWS want to "sleep" with white people" or another disoccupy blog, similarly claims there is a white supremacist underlying conspiracy gripping OWS--the truth can not be denied, that way too many folks have been confronting racism individually--and the reactions are spinning out of control--coming from indigenous folks who were invited here and alienated by our facilitation team, as well as numerous incidents by individuals as well as my own experience...) This is collective problem, not an individual problem, nor merely a structural problem, nor one working group's problem and obviously the caucus doesn't want that whole responsibility of educating.

We most certainly need to have anti-oppression and more education workshops, furthermore, racism and sexism has to be accounted for--has to be addressed by the whole occupation. I am not sure how, but it must be pro-active component no matter what structure the GA takes. What do folks do when there is a clearly racist action against folks of color and women--by unsavory characters who feel it is ok to get away with it because we are so "loosely" organized--so, "autonomous" but, on the other hand, being "tightly" organized will also make no difference, racism will continue to be appeased... all those committed to anti-racist program--can not solve this by just assigning a few leaders of color in key positions structurally, this will not address this issue/problem. No amount of words or brown token faces can remedy this if there is no accountability in place for those who discriminate. We need some kind of "education" program to address the everyday racism. safer spaces committee is very small--there has to be a larger effort --no matter how abstract your structural changes for spokes council or clusters, which really should be growing organically, out of cooperation and education, through a full scale anti-racist effort and education.. i am not sure if i am making any sense- perhaps this is what the structure working group is trying to fix, but, lacking in spelling it out... i also don;t see racism addressed or repaired if there is no active "education" policy around racism and sexism--if there is no anti oppression work really being done--this is responsibility of all of matter our color or gender. It is truly very very sad that this occupation has not made anti-racism anti-oppression and anti discrimination its top priority--and people of color caucus has clearly stated their anger about it...are not responsible to educate others on this. SO no matter what structure you all decide--great!!! but we need to educate and hold them accountable....this structure conversation elides all accountability by parties to confront racism and sexism directly. 

What do you all suggest?

This was posted in Safe Spaces group:

i found a daily kos posting of a woman's account of her experience at occupy wall street that i thought i should share with you:
sadly, her experience is not that surprising, but it is heartbreaking and should provide inspiration for all the work that needs to be done especially if the space is to be representative of the world we want..

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is it available online? where?

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GA had another great, intense conversation, and it was agreed that teach ins would be held every day at 2 pm for 4-5 days and then the modified proposal would be brought back to the general assembly.

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The GA website has not posted the minutes from last night's GA yet.  Does anybody know what happened re: the spokes council/cluster proposal?