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Yesterday I sat through a gutwrenching 4-5 hour GA about creating the Spokes council. It was tabled again until Wednesday. I believe I was the only obe from media present and there were too many concerns/blocks to pass it.


On Wednesday they will bring it up again. We need to be there to make sure this council gets passed.


We are rarely represented at GA's and this council is the only way to ensure our fair representation.



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Subject: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Agenda


I'll be there at 1145. Here is some recap/agenda.


1. Shifts/assignments for today


2.Progress from thorin on getting green rolling box with dividers in for property storage at LP.


3. Organization/workflow: Today the production BINDER will be finished at info to be mirrored on a google doc. Section for live, docu, photo and radio shift and project sign ups. Also discuss servers and post workflow.


4. Plan training for tomorrow and Vlad will also do a livestream training today at LP.


5. I met w outreach, info and internet last night for the cluster mtg at 6pm. Was awesome. Charles from internet encouraged us all to have clear market/message goals and then he and all wg's will work better in common.


6. Justine and folks own too. When you see them tell them how organized we are, and politely ask for their domain for the people (including them) for video, livestream, photo and radio groups!


7. ...





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