From:   Lauri Faggioni <>
Sent time:   Saturday, October 22, 2011 10:05:43 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Press Pass Revisions

Thanks again for these Vince.


Yeah I don't like that code thing. I don't want anyone scanning me

like a piece of produce.






On Oct 22, 2011, at 3:07 AM, Vincent Randolph <>



> Sorry guys,


> I will not be able to attend tomorrows meeting but will be around

> later on in the day.


> Based on the suggested revisions/alterations stated at this mornings

> meeting, this is the new draft.


> 1)I first would like to say, in my opinion, i think the addition of

> a QR code to the badge isnt such a good idea,

> its a design element that really cannot be placed properly on the

> badge without a drastic layout and change of existing elements

> 2) are people really going to be getting that close to stop and

> request to scan a code with their mobile phones on an ID badge that

> is going to be worn around your neck while we are out in the field

> just to get back to the website?

> 3) 1 of the "PRESS" design elements were removed, the one at the

> bottom in the black tile, i couldnt think of any other information

> to put in there so i put the website (any other suggestions??). I

> left the red "PRESS" element that is written sideways on the right

> side of the card because it is one of the key elements in shaping

> the design of Press Pass #1 which the majority chose.


> Based on that, new draft is attached, let me know what you guys think

> The revision is the first picture and the 1st draft is the 2nd picture


> <presspass1samp3.jpg>

> <presspass1samp2-2.jpg>