Sent time:   Saturday, October 22, 2011 12:18:26 PM
Subject:   Re: [september17discuss] From One Seed a Tree Will Grow

Hi.  Hang in there guys.  It won't always be a lot of you.  People come and go from OWS all of the time.  I think in the first week it got down to about 50 people in the park.  I was also a little involved in Bloobergville, which was an occupation across the street from NYC City Hall for a few weeks in May-June, that gave us a lot of the expertise for OWS.  Ckeck this out  Sometimes it was only twenty people hanging on.  There is a lot of support for you that you can't always see.  And when things get worse, people will be coming to you for help, so try to get ready to help them organize.  You're on the right track.  Don't be discouraged.
On 10/22/11, Andy Anderson<> wrote:
We at Occupy Indianapolis are currrently shutting down all actions,
websites, twitter acounts, We collapsed because we didn't
collectively grow. A thousand screaming people clamored to join, they
came, they protested, they left, and we collapsed. I am not speaking
for the GA. But we were not organic, and because we were never a
living, breathing thing. We never had life to begin with.We are now
splintered into factions. The workgroup I am apart of wants to
continue. Our group thinks that OWS began a movement that we want to
be a part of and at the same time support. We believe the corporations
have complete control of every aspect of our lives and this must
stop.We believe every political attempt to thwart this has been beaten
back by the forces created by the corporations. We must act to end
this. We then believe this core group can bring others into it, to
create a larger group, which can be broken into smaller working groups
that can actually make and accomplish goals, bring their ideas and
solutions to the larger group, thus making it stronger. We must grow
from the bottom up.This may take time and patience, but we this is the
only way to fix this. We have to begin at birth, not try to fix the
mess that currently is Occupy Indianapolis. Some other groups stated
that they wanted to visit New York, I have given them the information
they have asked for and I hope New York will help them. But for our
small group, we are asking guidance and support of the kind we have
been receiving from you to date. We are in this for the long haul. We
hope there will be a day we can be of service to others. The only
thing we have to offer now is to stress that other cities that started
as we did realize, the need to stay organic outweighs the desire to
have a large number of members. We are more than willing to help other
cities understand what does not work, and pass on information on what
does as we figure it out for ourselves..Peace and solidarity, Andy