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thanks SIS! �i don't have contact deets for the Kitchen team, but wouldn't hurt to make a propaganda piece that demonstrates we have our shit together. �(video?)

b �

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Sanitizer is constantly going out and we have a large amount of extra in storage.

Justin - SIS

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Subject: Bad PR on sanitation and health safety

Thanks Sherman. Copying Media Team re: documenting video that demonstrates good sanitation. �

And SIS folks who can speak to whether sanitizers have been distributed?


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If you haven't already seen it, also in today's post, they quote some private "Health Expert" and former City employee, who toured the park yesterday and says it is dirty and unhealthy. This guy points to no ability for cooks to wash their hands or properly wash trays, pigeons threatening and taking aim from tree branches above the kitchen area, etc. I know that were offered (received?) a supply of hand sanitizers
. Do you know if those have been doled out, and whether yes or no, we ought to document their use through photo and video.�


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