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 Interesting ideas, but start your own thread, lol.  This is one was just to let people know about in case they were interested.  I figured that people that thought it was a good thing could spread the word.
On 10/22/11, Richard Machado<> wrote:
Some ideas that have been tossing around in my mind :)

The Media is to be listed as the fourth branch of government, of which reporters & news staff would then be office holders of, and government is to allow complete independence of reporters to report the news.
The Media shall only be subject to complaint and reform by the people.
The Media is to be completely funded and owned by the public.
It shall be understood that all people are free in doing any action or inaction that they so wish, but that the rule of law will restore justice to such actions as provided for by the law.
Any National company wishing to buy commercial air-time, can only do so if it donates the same amount for the slot to the National Government, half the amount to the State Government, and a fourth the amount to the City Government.
No Media outlet, unless otherwise stated as nonfactual, shall tell a lie or express bias of opinion, nor allow lies to be told without subsequent fact-checks given abundantly to the public.
No money, service or goods shall be offered to any holder of political office, cabinet, or staff for any political purpose.
Media outlets must provide equal audience time and bulk to all political candidates.
News is not for entertainment, it is for learning, although that does not ban the presence thereof.
Sizable enough tariffs on all incoming foreign goods to make buying and producing American more economical for companies.
The direct ability for the people to repeal a law passed by congress, which overrides the veto power of the president's veto.
The direct ability for the people to repeal any law from any legislature, with the power greater than that of the Executive veto power.
The direct ability for the people to enforce the law if law-enforcement officers are unable, unfit or unwilling.
The direct ability for the people to recall any representative, and hold that seats governmental powers until a fit representative is found.
Tax 50% of all income over the first $1million/yr
Tax 70% of all income over the first $10million/yr
Tax 90% of all income over the first $100million/yr
Make all military production nationalized with emphasis on cost neutralization not profit.
The Smallest businesses (lowest # of workers kind pay as little as 0% Federal income tax, to be scaled by a convene.
The Largest businesses pay a maximum of 40%, to be scale by a convene.
Prisons shall all be nationalized and never be run for profit, at most cost neutrality.
Prisoners shall from now on experience a justice system based on the principles of restorative justice and not punitive.
The War on Drugs is ended, and instead initiate the Nation-wide process of healing the ills of addiction in place of punishment.
The people shall have the ability directly instruct the police force to enforce a law if it is being broken, or stop the enforcement of a law if such a law, or circumstance, is deemed, by the people to be unjust.
Companies that have 0% foreign hired workers pay 0% taxes on profits only.
Companies that have 100% foreign hired workers pay 100% taxes on profits only.

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 1:38 PM, <> wrote:
I agree that it doesn't solve the problem, but it seems like a necessary step.  It is hard to convince the public to do the right thing while they are being bombarded by by $billions in deceptive advertising.
On 10/22/11, Doug Singsen<> wrote:
Plenty of European countries have public funding of elections, and they still have the same economic inequality and problems we do. Getting money out of politics is not a substitute for fighting for jobs, health care, housing, etc. The former will not automatically lead to solving the latter.

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 9:15 AM, kindofblue <> wrote:
Ratigan's "Get Money Out" is not about taking money out of banks, it
is about getting money out of politics.  IMO, it should be the #1
demand/grievance/goal of OWS.  As we stated in the Sept 29 declaration
"No true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by
economic power."  We must separate economic power from political
power, and the only way to do that it to get rid of direct and
indirect campaign donations.  The other problems (e.g. jobs, health
care, environment) are all symptoms of the fact that our government is
bought and paid for.  Get the money out of politics and there is hope

to solve the other problems.

I believe we should work closely with Ratigan, as well as others who
have called for the same goal (e.g. Lawrence Lessig).  This is a goal
that has wide support across the political spectrum, and if we were to
pass a resolution along the lines of "get money out of politics" I
think it could spur a national discussion on campaign finance reform.