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Forgive me, JAM, but if we need to deal with racism, then maybe spending a little time understanding cultism would not be wasteful.

I neither hate nor love Larouche. I find cult leaders and cultism a fascinating phenomenon, including conspiracy theorists, of which there are several in Liberty Plaza, including a few anti-Semitic ones, who, in particular, have become an issue for several within OWS and outside, e.g., ECI, for whatever little they're worth. So it's not irrelevant.

As for quotes, since it's been requested, how's this for a "mix of truth, conspiracy, bizarre claims":

"The Green movement is designed by certain people, and has been designed over many centuries, millennia even, to kill people. The motive for the killing is called the oligarchical principle. The key example of that officially in European history, is located in the period of the reign of King Philip of Macedon. Philip, during his reign, made an agreement with the Persian Empire. That agreement was the agreement to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, in effect: It's called the oligarchical principle...

Hitler was a junior league type, with this crowd. Who is this? Who's behind it? The British Empire, the Queen of England! The President of the United States, right now, is an enemy of all humanity. He's a bigger enemy of humanity than Adolf Hitler was. If you support his policy, the Green policy, you are supporting a Hitler policy against yourself."
Lyndon Larouch, Executive Intelligence Review

I don't want to promote his ideas any further, but such conspiracy views are common in his statements.

On the other hand, I'm sympathetic to an extent with his anti-Malthusian criticism of the Green movement. But Greens are intending to kill people? That, along with the broad, but selective and highly interpretive historical stretches, is the expression of a conspiracy cult, not of an open-process, empirically- and deductively-based deliberative discussion, and I hope that OWSers can tell the difference.

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you're just slandering with out using any quotes or examples from what he says.
Which makes me wonder why ??

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