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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: The 2012 Elections Are Over: ...You Lose!

Actually fascism has no views regarding Malthusianism, fascism is an

ultra-nationalist ideology based on class collaboration, it tends to

get its elite support from the holders of immobile capital - land,

natural resources, rentier capitalists, harder to move factories, etc

- and it's essential defining characteristic to differentiate fascism

from other forms of imperialism are its obsession with palingenesis,

or the "renewal of the nation" based on conspiracy theories of foreign

invaders and fifth columns.


Now that we have a real idea of fascism, instead of Larouchite

bullshit (a holocaust denialist is the last person in the world who

can talk about others being fascist) can we move on and just agree to

stop spamming the list with the dear leader's crap?