From:   Andrea Ciannavei <>
Sent time:   Sunday, October 23, 2011 9:57:46 AM
Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] #media monitoring - Emergency committee for Israel calling OWS Anti-Semitic

big. they were commercials during the morning shows this morning. not a cheap campaign.

On Oct 23, 2011, at 11:52 AM, Alexander Penley wrote:

We really need to look into who they are and potentially ignore them- Zionists have many groups like the Anti Defamation League, for example, that call everything the least bit lefty 'anti-semetic' - they have, for example, gotten in trouble in both San Francisco and Portland, Or. for working with police- illegally spying on people with Food Not Bombs. They are hate groups but perhaps it's best to just ignore them. Have not seen the commercials- are they on public access or big? 

On 23 October 2011 11:35, Andrea Ciannavei <> wrote:
they are running commercials on TV asking viewers to call Pelosi and Obama and tell them to "speak up against hate"


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