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Yes Jackie i agree with you, "comintern" was not meant to redbait anyone, which, you are correct is more dangerous than persona attacks and leads to sectarian politics which destroy movements -- i humbly apologize for that, i should have been more specific, since the reference is rather clumsy. I also tried to find out when the proposal was given at GA on Robinhood tax, also if there was a working group around this--demand, or if it was part of demands group...sent a private message first to Micah, as he suggested, no it was not even addressed to poor Jem!!!  
The Robin Hood Tax "Robin Hood" tax - also known as the Tobin Tax - is perfectly OK, but not particularly radical the French and German governments support it). It has to be backed up by other measures -movements are protesting, the banks in Europe are bust and will be bailed out soon, so the global movement is moving towards more demands.(nationalizing banks, direct taxation, etc etc..we should have a working group on this)The point i was making about Adbusters, and not speaking to Jem at all, that when posting demands or proposals--one should work through a working group on this--alternative economics or demands working group...anyway--after asking for which working group, i didn't get any response.

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________________________________________________________________________________________________Please do. At Bloombergville we agreed on a civility code which required that we be respectful toward one another – which meant no name calling and avoiding blame. Review your posts, and you will see that many involve insults and accusations that are not helpful among comrades trying to work together. Forty five years in the activist movement in which I saw many noble ventures break down over unnecessary conflicts have convinced me that we can’t afford to intensify conflict through hostile expressions. Moreover, those particular accusations are red baiting – more politically dangerous than just personal insults. And frankly, I think some individuals could post less and express themselves more through the working groups; I appreciate the debate, but there has to be some self-imposed limits on the number of posts on this list. I’m being overwhelmed with emails.

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You weren't calling me the comintern were you?  lol  All that power would definitely go to my head. <:0 



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Do you think you are the comintern and none of us know what is the global movement about? We have to be passed down some party line? Micah, please--there are folks here