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Subject:   [september17discuss] #Occupy the Department of Education on October 25th


Join teachers, parents and students in bringing the #Occupy movement to the Department of Education. The DoE has closed dozens of schools in minority neighborhoods, increased class sizes, cut teacher positions, laid off workers, attacked teachers' pay and job security. The DoE has also replaced many public schools with private charter schools, many of which are for-profit, which don't serve special needs students and which are even more segregated than the public schools, resulting in an education system that is more segregated than at any time since the 1960's. And all of this is being done by the Panel for Educational Policy, the unelected board to which Bloomberg appoints a majority of board members, who always rubber-stamp his decisions. If they happen to disagree, he fires them. There is no democratic process whatsoever involved in selecting the PEP. Teachers, parents and students have been fighting the DoE for years in a really amazing struggle, shutting down the DoE in early 2010. Come help them do it again!


Seward Park High School

350 Grand Street


(near Williamsburg Bridge)





On Tuesday, October 25th, the Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) is hosting a meeting where Chancellor Walcott (the 1%) is planning a "conversation on raising standards in the classroom.”  The PEP is an un-elected 13-member body (the majority of whom are appointed by Bloomberg) that makes decisions for the Department of Education. The PEP meetings are open to the public. ALL are welcome.


We, the 99% invite you, educators, parents and students to contribute to the conversation on the table:

How do YOU want public education to change?

What are YOUR “common core standards?”


Contact if you have questions, and to let us know that you plan to speak.


To get YOUR voice heard, please review the menu of options and also become familiar with how the people’s PEP will run on Tuesday:


Option A:  Come to the meeting with a prepared statement about why you are participating in this action.




I am here because as a parent my voice is not represented on the Panel for Educational Policy. Parents have no vehicle in the decision-making process around the issues affecting their children's education. 




I am here because as a teacher I support high standards in the classroom, but excluding teachers from the decision process around implementation of those standards is insulting and undermines my ability to teach to high standards.




I am a student and my common core standard is to have curriculum that is driven by critical thinking not test prep so that I can be prepared for college.


From 4:30 - 5:15 there will be an organizing meet at the Seward Park Library at 192 East Broadway to polish our mic check skills and prepare to speak the PEP meeting. At 5:15 we will go to the PEP meeting.


Option B: Arrive at the PEP Meeting - Seward Park High School at 350 Grand Street New York, NY at 5:30 to ensure you get a seat at the meeting. Participate in the Mic Check during the meeting (you'll have plenty of examples during the meeting -- we promise, you'll be able to pick it up!). Remember, this meeting is a public forum. The purpose of these meetings is to exchange ideas. We hope you will come and express your views.


For more information on the people’s mic go to this link to watch a video on how it’s performed.


Option C: Don't have a seat? Arrive a little late? Can’t get in for some reason? NO problem! Join us either in front of Seward Park High School (Ludlow entrance), or in the parking lot behind the school (on Broome). If we can't be at either we will go to Seward Park at Essex and Canal.  We will be hosting a teach-in around the issues impacting public education in NYC.


Can’t find us? Call Marcelle at 865 - 898 - 8632 or Kevin at 347-443-4598


Option D: Meet us at Zuccotti Park at 4:45 to march to Seward Park High School. (We are asking for 4 volunteers who would like to march with us -- contact Marcelle @ if you love a good march.)


Contact if you have questions, and to let us know that you plan to speak.