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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: 130 arrested defending the Chicago medical aid tent last night

"Obama was supposed to be the paradigm of the progressive Democrat".


That's just not true. If people thought that then they were

projecting their aspirations onto him, because he certainly didn't

have the record or the policies of a strong progressive.


"Democrats always revert to their true form, which is to serve the 1%

in a way that at this point is virtually indistinguishable from the



Virtually indistinguishable? Just take a look at the Citizens United


- For: Roberts (Bush Jr), Alito (Bush Jr), Thomas (Bush Sr), Scalia

(Reagan), Kennedy (Reagan)

- Against: Ginsburg (Clinton), Breyer (Clinton), Sotomayor (Obama),

Stevens (Ford)


Now that Stevens has been replaced by Kagan, the only sane justices on

SCOTUS were nominated by Clinton and Obama, while the Republicans have

appointed the biggest corporate yes men they could find. Not even

getting into policy, SCOTUS alone is an enormous difference between

Democrats and Republicans, so please don't tell me they are "virtually

indistinguishable". The Democrats aren't nearly progressive enough,

but that doesn't mean they are "virtually indistinguishable" from

Republicans. Have you listened to a Republican debate recently? They

are straight-up arguing for the elimination of corporate taxes while

raising them on the poor.