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Agree about that first person in the video. It almost seems like an outsiders understanding of it, but then again it should be inclusive and worldwide. Hope that makes sense. Also not sure what spiderman represents or it's significance. Do we have interviewee names and or email? I'd like to see more transparency in our sourcing being that it's a matter of contention/criticism and our adversaries  shit all over the idea. We should uphold and respect that it. Very good work. I still have great footage if you want some from times square. 

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Great coverage!

I think it's a little jarring that the first person in the video has such a strong foreign accent, for a second I thought it was a video about 10/15 around the world... but New York, capital of the world, etc... I don't have a problem with it, just pointing it out. 

I'm also kind of secretly euphoric that it ends with images of the Spiderman drum circle, started by me and a friend with a cowbell and a whistle. Lovely. Really pulled some heart strings in there. Proud to be part of history.



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Love it. Well done.


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