From:   shaista husain <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 24, 2011 7:46:25 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] Please spread the word Anti-racist allies--workshops and teach-ins

Below is the text of the flyer and here is our facebook event. Please come and spread the word!

THE FULL 99%: Re-claiming our humanity and building a multi-racial movement.
What would the movement look like if all voices were heard?
Honest dialogue and interactive activities.
Anti-racist organizing is for everyone!

Join us Tuesday, October 25th under the red structure

1-3pm: "Conversations on Power and Privilege" for everyone

3:30-5pm: "Whiteness and the 99%" for white folks

5:30-7:30pm: "Where are all the POC?" for people of color

8:30-9:30pm: "Culture Share" for everyone

Facilitated by Monica Dennis and Rachael Ibriham, anti-racist activists and organizers.