From:   Harrison Schultz <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 24, 2011 8:46:22 AM
Subject:   [september17discuss] occupy wall street analytics topline report on media/racial identy and a proposal for action

We fielded a new survey on and collected 5,006 complete responses!  It´s nonradom data but still highly useful.  The long and short of it is that many of the same trends from the Oct 5 sample hold together, which is good.  The overwhelming majority of the sample identified as wilte however the larger number of responses makes an analysis of traffic in terms of ¨race¨ a bit more reliable.  Here are some preliminary trends I´ve noticed which my senior Colleague Dr. Hector Cordero Gusman may confirm/critique and build upon, and formalize. He´s already posted on  If anyone is interested in discussing any of the knitty gritty details of this survey please Join Hector and I at Liberty Plaza this thursday the 27th, around 6:00pm to discuss this as well as a potential research and analytics working group to possibly add to the GA, cause there´s lots of people doing polls on us now.  We´ll also begin discussing better ways to measure racial/ethnic identity on this survey instrument, which is another interesting conversation all on its own.   

Anyhoo, the more interesting trends were tied to education in my opinion.  Blacks 29.3% were more likely than the total sample 24.8% to currently be in school, Asians 33% were even more likely to be in school.  Hispanics 37% were more likely to currently be in school than non Hispanics 24% non Hispanics.  This data suggests in my opinion that the best, most strategically sound place to diversify the occupy wall street movement at Liberty plaza NYC is through the local universities.  I´ve sent my professors Jeff Goldfarb and Elzbieta Matynia, who have both already visited Liberty and who have expressed interest in providing teach-in space for OWS to Grim and myself.  I´ve also cc´d my professors Terry Williams and Oriville Lee, specialists on the sociology of race.  If OWS is interested and we ask these folks nicely perhaps they´ll hold a teach in on the subject of media, race and identity as it pertains to OWS in part at Liberty and in part at New School perhaps.  Jeff has told me that he´ll be at Liberty today around 430pm if anyone finds the idea appealing and would like to discuss it further try to find him around the Press/Info table around that time.  I´ll be there around 530.

Here are some other data points by "racial group" that suggest that non-white outreach at universities is a good idea...

Blacks (28%) were a little less likely than whites (33%) to be currently be in school, however blacks (26.8%) were a bit more likely than whites (22.6%) to hold a graduate degree.  
The total sample of blacks was a bit smaller than some of the other categories however it seems to me that the best place to possibly do targeted messaging/outreach to this group, or promote a race/identity, media, OWS themed teach to this group for example, would be on YouTube, blacks (45.1%) and racially mixed respondents  are a bit more likely to strongly agree that they are regularly on YouTube than other groups.  Blacks also seem to show preferences for Television compared to other groups.  17% of blacks compared to 9.5 % of the total sample were agreed that they watched prime time local television.  32% of blacks vs 17.7% of the total sample were likely to agree that they watched prime time national television.  39% of blacks compared to 22.4% total sample were likely to watch prime time cable television.  37.8% of blacks were more likely to follow news on CNN than 28.6% total sample.  20.7% were more likely to agree strongly that they followed news on Comedy Central than the total sample 14%.  Blacks were also more likely to agree that they followed news on MSNBC 24.4% than the total sample 10.4%.  Blacks (42.&%) are also more likely than other groups to identify as Democrat than the total sample (27.4%). 

Racially mixed 
are more likely than other groups to be on youtube (39.9%), they are also more likely to be on FaceBook 47.6%  than the total sample 39.1%.  

Were the most likely of an group to have a graduate degree 32.6%.  Asians are the least likely to strongly agree that they've participated in OWS, 21.5% vs 30.4% of the total sample.  They're also the least likely to agree that OWS will create lasting positive social change 46.5% vs 55.9 of the total sample.  They're more likely to to read the Wall Street Journal 20.2% vs 13.9% of the total sample.  They're more likely to follow ABC 15.3% vs 11% of the total sample.  They're also way more likely to agree that the internet has changed te way that they meet and interact with others 45.8% vs 33.1% of the total sample.  

In addition to being more likely than non Hispanics to be in school, they're more likely 39.9% to strongly support OWS than the total sample 30.0%.  They're more likely to strongly agree that the protests will grow 76% vs 70% of the total sample.  There also more likely to strongly agree that OWS will lead to lasting and positive social change 62.8% vs 55.9% of the total sample.  They're more likely than the rest of the sample to agree that the internet is there main source of entertainment 46% vs 36% non-hispanic.  Hispanics are more likely to agree that the internet has changed the way they interact and communicate with others 36.7% vs 32.9% non Hispanic.  They're more likely to use Facebook regularly 45.7% than non Hispanics 38.6%.  I've been told that Democracia Real Ya (NYC) has a Facebook Page which has been highly supportive, I heard they supported our early meetings at Thompkins Sq.  Hispanics are also more likely to be on Youtube 44.6% than 32.8% non hispanics.  They're also more likely to follow the Global Rev Livestream 38.4% than non Hispanics 30.0%.  They're also more likely 14.7% vs 8.2% non Hispanic to use Twitter, which is a finding I've noticed in a recent Forrester report as well.       

Sean and Mercedes, this is all FYI, but off the record, until our PR group has had a chance to go over everything!  Other than everyone please feel free to spread and discuss this far and wide within our network!

In Solidarity,