From:   White Hat <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 24, 2011 8:50:10 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] experiment report-back

hello everyone,

i want to report on a couple of experiments to reach more people during the GA (in the park and beyond):

1. early last week, justin and i projected a live transcription of the ga on a screen above the library.  the setup was a laptop directly connected to a projector and just typing the minutes into a simple text file.  it worked pretty well, was quick, efficient, and the text file can be sent to whoever puts the minutes on the web site.

2. last night, i tried a different experiment of vibing the minutes to a screen further down the north wall of the park.  the vibes also cross posted to twitter (see @vibewall).  the setup for that was typing into an ipad running vibe and with an external keyboard.

the cons and pros of 2 compared to 1 are:


1. there's an average 7 second latency for submitted text to appear on the screen.

2. the text appears in chunks (when posted) and not as it's being typed.

3. typing and posting via an ipad is a little slower than just typing into a text file.

4. the end result is a set of vibes/tweets and not a single text file.  it's easy enough to copy/paste them afterwards into a single text file, but it's an added step.


1. ga minutes are available online in quasi real time via vibe and twitter.

2. the person transcribing can be anywhere in the park and not near the projector.

3. there can be more than one person transcribing/posting the minutes.

4. others can comment on the ga, as it's going on or later (via twitter or anonymously via vibe).


1.  is it worth the effort to project the minutes on a screen during ga whether via method 1 or 2 above?

2.  is it worth the effort to have the ga minutes simultaneously posted online  via method 2?


white hat