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Subject:   [september17discuss] Re: visit by Egyptian "revolutionaries"

Since this list has had a long discussion about dangers of our cooptation, see my description to a friend of today's speakers. Whether the first and last have been coopted, are in danger of same, or are falsely being claimed as friends by the coopters, is for all of us to determine patiently and after gathering evidence.
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1. I heard Ahmed Maher at the Brecht earlier this year, he's a supporter of el-Baradei, very unclear (at best) on the dangers of getting State Department support -- and a sexist to boost (in answer to questions about whether women were underrepresented in the movement he kept joking about how men needed more support as they were outnumbered.
2. Asmaa Mahfouz seems universally respected, don't know Esraa Abdel Fattahj.
3. Bassem Fathy is claimed by the IRI (a State Department/NED agency for "democratizing" the Third World) as one of its staff.