From:   Ras Arthemio Selassie <>
Sent time:   Monday, October 24, 2011 11:34:36 AM
Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Live Streaming Support to Healthcare for the 99%

Hello everyone- i want to introduce myself, my name is Ananda, I am covering the ows events for MNN (manhattan neighborhood network) and also posting on the web where some spanish news in south america have been taking content to broadcast in national tv there.


The Healthcare for the 99% is having a rally this Wednesday and they requested support doing live streaming of their event. Please let know how this can heppen. Below is the rally info:


Here are the finalized details of our action this week. Please forward widely!

Wednesday, October 26th: Get Wall Street out of Healthcare!!
Speakout and March Against the Health Insurance Industry


·       4:00pm Open Speakout - come share your personal struggles with our healthcare system

·       4:30pm March Against the Health Insurance Industry

March Details:

·       4:30pm - Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield / One Liberty Plaza: located across the street from Zuccotti park, Empire is a subsidiary of WellPoint, the largest publicly-traded health insurance company. CEO Angela Braley's overall compensation is $13.1 million dollars, enough to cover 1455 New Yorkers.

·       5:30pm - WellCare / 110 5th Ave: the for-profit company that administers Medicaid and Medicare Advantage programs in New York and other states. Currently being investigated for fraud with estimates that WellCare illegally siphoned $400 million to $600 million from state health insurance programs for the poor. (1)

·       6pm - St Vincent's Community Hospital / 12th St & 7th Ave: closed earlier this year due to bankruptcy, St Vincent’s is a casualty of profit-driven insurers and a healthcare system that leaves 50 million Americans uninsured. There are now no hospitals on the westside below 57th st.



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