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Subject:   Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Michael Moore Movie Night (Sound or silent?)

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Hi folks,


Interesting to see some overlapping efforts happening here, seems like

we need to start working together.


On Mon, 24 Oct 2011 13:17:59 -0400, Becky Hurwitz <> wrote:

> *Radio broadcast for sound:*


> - i tested out a low power FM transmitter last night with some other

> folks on this list -- set it up at the Media center -- we could receive it

> all across the park. we could use this to broadcast MM across the park.


There is a little radio team that has been working this very mechanism

the last couple weeks. We've got a couple PART-15 transmitters, and have

done a number of tests in the square, partially transmitting the GA on

Saturday, working out the various technical kinks along the way. We've

had a several in person meetings and we've got a plan we've been working

on to make this happen. Just last night we worked up a proposal to bring

to the media team to turn this into something more of an official



We've done a bunch of research into the FCC regulations, talked with

Prometheus people, and looked into translation radio (which sounds like

what Dallas brough up on another thread regarding minutes?). It would be

great to work with you and others on this project!


Expect our proposal to show up momentarily, this is where you can find





    IRC: server: ; channel: #pmradio

    Twitter: @owsradio


> *Streaming/G+ hangout for video press conf w/MM:*


Regarding streaming, we setup an icecast relay of the radio stream that

we've been experimenting with, and were able to relatively easily

transmit the radio stream that was broadcasting the GA on Saturday.




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