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While I respect everyone's opinion, I stopped reading after "Now just dig it kid." 

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 4:30 AM, Douglas Gault <> wrote:
No Knowledge then just what on earth have I been up too Traveling around the country for the last two moths now?

Now just dig it kid

Lets see so far you seem to be just about the brightest of all those even associated with the NYCGA. I would personally take you for a 4 yr grad with an average gpa in the 3.6-3.7 range.


Now for some odd ball reasoning’s of ill logical thought you seem to be under the impression that I am solely plugged into US grade News coverage. Nope, nothing could be further from the truth bro, or do they still say dude (?)


Let’s see;

Spanish AM radio political socialist junkie

World socialist web site junkie

Jane’s addiction junkie

Chinese everything junkie not the English cctv type

Everything German junkie

And of course the Russian radio junkie


As for American, the Huffington post, and the Nation junkie. It just so happens that I have spoken several different languages now since I was a child, all self taught. But the finest of all languages just happens to be mathematics. Due to the fact that liars can lie, but numbers never lie.


So when I say you are getting negative press world wide, I do mean you are in fact getting negative press world wide at the level of the NYCGA. The only thing that is driving your cause is the counter culture of the internet and that is all. Myopic minds at best. It’s really akin to the blind leading the blind, for the lack of a better term.


Now granted that I may have dropped out of high school at the age of 16.5yrs, I would have gone on to College had it not been for the fact that my father drank up my entire collage fund. So I used to travel around filling out admissions papers and challenging some of the must difficult courses at some of our most prestigious universities. Don’t believe that I ever missed a challenge either. Of course I could have taken several of these universities up on their offers of scholarships, but I found it too god damned boring to be bothered with the neo-classical blue books of the day. So I just enjoyed the peace movements of the day.


Then it was off to the many communes of the day, where each and everyone had there own ideas as to a leaderless society that were both openly practiced and attempting to achieve a cashless society. Guess what, they were all a miserable failure, and many of these were all drug free societies to boot, full of collage grads of the highest order. The experiment did not work. Due in large part, to a lack of structure as required by all societies to be functional in providing for there needs.


Now lets move on to you’re dreaded subject of corruption. Whenever you speak to me of corruption could you please put this into the proper perspective as to its inherent criminological context of usage. To say something is corrupt is like calling the sky blue, when in fact it is not. By the time I was 28yr I had been invited to serve on more than 14 NGO’s all hell bent on both the investigations and advocating of corruption free trade zones. Guess who funded all of these adventures (?) US state dept and CIA Black ops., so you learned real quickly never to ask who was funding such a fine center doing such a marvelous job overseas.


On all of these adventures I thought that I was doing a fine job up until I was presented with a list of names that I was to find all corruptible on, along with the presentation of a huge envelope of cash. I never took a pay out nor signed off on such a list, but sure as hell every one of my cronies did on these NGO assignments.


Now this is where you find real corruption. You have those who are corruptible, which is everybody. And those who openly engage in corruption, which is a small few. No, this is not a paradoxical statement. It’s like this, the corruptible are the people that our government can freely destroy at will, and they are well practiced at this.


Imagine a life such as this; you are constantly being investigated for activities that you have no knowledge of by the FBI. You know that you paid your taxes, but why is there now a problem and you finding yourself owing thousands of dollars to the IRS. You know you paid all of your bills on time, but they are late anyway. For some strange reason you’re banking cards and credit cards are all dysfunctional. People and friends are now accusing you of things that you did not do. You are now finding out that all of this undo pressure is affecting you’re relationship with your girl friend or wife. And she now seems to have a new lover, that’s totally out of character for her. And now you are the victim of identity thief and you owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, even though you had bad credit. For some strange reason you screwed up on the job and they can prove it, so you’re out on the street. And now you are also the victim of a drug raid, or drug dealing activities.


And see you really are corruptible even though you are only a political activist at heart. And everyone of the above has happened in my life as a direct result of my politics. And that is exactly why you need structure in order to remain as a cohesive unit. Even then they will infiltrate your best of groups and destroy you from within.


So go off and enjoy your protest. However you will have nothing to offer the world in the way of constructive change until such a time as you have an altered plan of structure as a replacement value system and convince the people that it is a workable idea, after all most people do resist change at all cost.



On 10/24/2011 6:03 PM, cseeman wrote:
You offer no direct knowledge of how Occupy is being organized around
the country.

Occupy Wall Street in NYC is very well organized with many functioning
committees taking care of Kitchen, Sanitation, Finance, Media, as well
as others.

Centralized leadership has always been easy to corrupt because there's
obvious individuals that can be targeted.

It's much harder to subvert a well managed non hierarchical movement
because there is no single corruptible target.

A non hierarchical movement can grow faster because everyone is a
stake holder ranging from organized committee members to the General
Assembly. Every participant feels directly empowered. The process of
consensus itself cements the bonds of the movement because addressing
concerns prevents the divisions that have demoralized and deteriorated
most movements in the past.

The Occupy movement is probably one of the fastest growing movements
in recent history. NYC which you are so critical of, is probably has
the largest number of participants in any single locale in the
country. It has developed relationships with the Community Board,
local businesses, local elected officials. Yet it is still nascent.
This is a major organizational accomplishment. All done with a direct
democratic process in which every one is a "leader" by owning part of
the tangible decision making process with real consequence and
quantifiable success.

The you pay undue importance on the press itself shows naivete in who
funds the press through both ownership and advertising. Meanwhile
thousands of people watch NYC OWS and GlobalRevolution at any moment
through their live streams and multiply that with the scores more
streams of the many other Occupy locations. There's been well over 2
million unique views and that numbers is growing rapidly. Occupy has
create a mass awareness and consciousness raising that the corporate
controlled media is beginning to pay at least passing attention to
because they are ratings driven (in return advertiser driven) and are
very much aware of the thousands viewing these streaming at any given

This in toto has to be one of the BEST ORGANIZED fastest growing
movements this country (and the world) has seen in decades . . .  in
which EVERYONE is learning how to "lead" because each has a vested
interest in the decision making.

Craig Seeman

On Oct 24, 5:50 pm, Douglas Gault <> wrote:
The very idea of a leaderless movement is a noble concept of pure lunacy

at this time in world history. It will be doomed to failure. Just look
at the negative press that you guys are already receiving as to the
reputation of the NYCGA. The concept of utopia is as old as man himself
and it does not yet exist. The best nations to have ever achieved such a

concept as utopia also became corrupted, that being the original isle of


Now just why is it that so many of the other Occupy Movements across
this nation do have Governing boards and leaders, and have implemented
steering committees, and are being conducted far better than the one in
NYC's OWS? And yet all of the eyes of a Nation and the Whole of the
World have been watching and waiting to see just what is going to come
out of New York. And so far nothing except pure Chaos and a state of
Anarchy has come from NY; this is only bound to collapse upon itself if
something does not develop a bit faster.

All Concepts, Ideas, Inventions and even Movements are ripe for a
takeover if not properly managed from inception to implementation.

Are you even aware that the premise of the United States was stolen from

the Indians form of Democracy? Look to the peace accords of the "Treaty
at Albany <>" of
1721-1722Cited in"O'Callaghan, E. B. (Ed.). (1855). Documents Relative
to the Colonial History of the State of New York, vol. 5. Albany, NY:
Weed, Parsons, and Co., 657--681." As this proof.

Early Americans were totally blown away that a form of Democracy,
thought to have been first envisioned in Greece existed here in the
Colony's, and had been in existence far longer than it had ever lasted
in Greece. And the sad fact is that this Nation of once 5 tribes is now
6 tribes strong, and still stands united without change, with there fire

of peace still burning to this day in there long house. They also have
there own form of effective governance, and it is not leaderless either.

Every society that has ever existed had some form of self governance
even the earliest of tribal societies. The NYCGA has got to come to
gripes with this or they will sure die as an unorganized union.

Douglas Gault

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