From:   Steven Macchia <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, October 25, 2011 10:20:41 AM
Subject:   SPAM-MED: Re: [GlobalRevolutionMedia] inquiry: who tweets? coordinating # with other Occupies for trending

I know Justin has access to @OccupyWallStNYC

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 12:17 PM, Becky Hurwitz <> wrote:
Hi All,

Are there people on list who tweet from @OccupyWallSt? 

@OccupyChicago tweeters just got in touch and suggested coordinating some hash tag campaigns, perhaps around police brutality.  I'd like to put him in touch -- sounds like he has some time and ideas.

Contact: Daniel Massoglia

The hash remains to be seen, it should be fluid and indignant. The idea is we pick a tag that's unused - you have to test by searching for it first - and then use it over and over again. Open ended is best, and short is good but not necessary. #policestateUSA, #Oaklandunderattack, #attackonoakland, whatever. Point is, twitter's trending algorithms give heavier weight to something that grows exponentially, so while #OWS might have more tweets by volume, another could trend very quickly based on s rapid increase in usage. Wed need to coordinate a time and tag with as many locations as possible, from occupy accounts especially, so people will follow and it will get big. A link to the mayors office is a good addition, or a news story, pic, expression of outrage, anything's just gotta be planned from the start.

I'm @jujueyeball and also @occupychicago with other people.

Do you know who is on yalls account? It would start with tweets like "tell the world what you think about the raid on @occupyoakland using #whatever"

Be interesting to try to coordinate a national campaign.

Skype: becky.hurwitz