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> i was initially a fan of the conference call route and did some work

> on it with ian, but i think radio is "lower tech" and more reliable

> and scalable (phones calls can eat minutes and speaker phone are

> ineffective in the din of zuccotti).  teleconference is more suited

> for people in disparate locations (e.g. among occupies).


I have to agree. As a device for audio its totally overkill and not

suited for the types of audio needed in the environment we are working

with, not to mention the difficulties with scaling and handling

mute/unmute coordination, getting everyone on the call and suffering

through all the people dropping in and out. It seems an unweildy stretch

for the tech. Everyone chews through minutes and then needs to charge

their cell phone. A GA that lasts from 7pm until 2am is not unheard of,

5 hours on a cell phone does not seem like a fun solution, and I can't

imagine watching an entire movie with a cell phone next to my head

(although the heat might be nice)




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