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Cops create crime. Make THAT public:

To continue operating under the false notion that the police deter crime is to miss a whole analysis that for decades has critiqued the criminal injustice system--and that many OWS people of color and anti-police brutality working groups are highlighting in their current inspiring work. As we spotlight the ridiculous ways the NYPD tries to curtail our movement, we can't also say that they do a good job protecting poor people around NYC. Their job, rather, is to keep people poor, locked up, and feeling powerless. Our job is to make these despicable aims of the police part of everyday conversation.


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This brings up an interesting PR point.  Why is the NYPD allowing violent crime to rise staggeringly while meeting peaceful protected protest with excessive force?  Call off the cops, send them after crime.  Make this demand publicly.

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> apparently, shootings have been going up in nyc as special crime-fighting units are pulled away from neighborhoods where they are needed and re-located to OWS protests:
> The question, of course, is why do you need to use these "special units" to patrol protests that have been always peaceful? Perhaps because protecting private property is more important than protecting human lives, especially when those lives are those of the poor and disenfranchised?
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