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thought all of you might be interested in some o these choice quotes

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Subject: the repeal of glass-steagal
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Here's the Times coverage of the passage of Gramm-Leach Bliley, which repealed Glass-Steagal, from Nov. 5 1999. Reading this from a distance of 12 years, the idiots and the greedy pigs become real clear -- Larry Summers, nearly the Republicans involved, Bob Kerrey ("The concerns that we will have a meltdown like 1929 are dramatically overblown"), Charles Schumer ("If we don't pass this bill, we could find London or Frankfurt or years down the road Shanghai becoming the financial capital of the world") -- and so do the heroes: Byron Dorgan, Paul Wellstone (RIP), Republican (!) Richard Shelby, Maxine Waters and Barney Frank. 

It's a fantastic read, and I could see this being a talking point on Bill Maher. How can we inject this into the national conversation? The movement has very specific grievances, financial exploitation chief among them. I can just hear Maher reading this and the audience gasping at all the incriminating quotes.