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From the Mike Davis piece:
"Second, continue to democratize and productively occupy public space (i.e. reclaim the Commons). The veteran Bronx activist-historian Mark Naison has proposed a bold plan for converting the derelict and abandoned spaces of New York into survival resources (gardens, campsites, playgrounds) for the unsheltered and unemployed. The Occupy protestors across the country now know what it’s like to be homeless and banned from sleeping in parks or under a tent. All the more reason to break the locks and scale the fences that separate unused space from urgent human needs."
NYC already has abandoned lots turned into semi-public gardens by activists.  It may be smart for us to do something like that, although it would be tricky.  Organize for Occupation (or was it Picture the Homeless?) has been doing neighborhood surveys to count underused spaces and foreclosures.  Maybe we can use some of that info.
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brilliant!!! thanks...

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Sorry if I'm reposting. I just read it and, as everything Mike Davis does, has that mixture of brilliant insights, right-to-the-point information and a deeply moving mood.