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Please reach out to people when u r avail to record sound. What device do u have? Facilitation mtgs are vital to record.



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hi Im Daniel,

I also want to support this sound recording of all meetings with some

thoughts. My thought is simple and may be redirected to where needed.

At the general assembly meeting it is clear that sometimes people cant

make the meeting. It is also clear there is so much discussed there as

well as announcements following the soap box.


It may be documentive and multi resourceful that someone from media

and internet. or anyone who knows how to record a meeting. record the

daily meetings and then submit it to media and or internet to convert

it to mp3s or any form of sound for the web. If each day on the

site the recording of the general assembly, report backs, soap box and

any meeting public at occupy be posted for people to listen too and

get up to date as well as re listen to any possible key points people

might be able to collaborate on. The sound files will be farly small

and not so hard to post on site. basic media internet 101.



any thoughts ?





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> Can 2 people volunteer to shoot the facilitation meeting today (now, 4pm) and/or tomorrow with sound? This is something we can license to current tv to use in their vanguard episode.


> Where is the meeting tonight?

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