From:   Christian Smith-Socaris <>
Sent time:   Tuesday, October 25, 2011 11:16:51 PM
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Subject:   [GlobalRevolutionMedia] Invitation - All Communications WGs Meeting - Wed. 7:30pm

For people who missed it the first time:

Meeting of all communications related working groups Wednesday 10-26, 7:30pm at 60 Wall St

See below for details.

On 10/24/2011 11:16 AM, Christian Smith-Socaris wrote:
Greetings from the Outreach Committee:

In order to better gain support and cooperation from as many people as possible, and to better coordinate our scarce resources, the Outreach Committee is inviting all working groups that deal with communications or similar community engagement work to a group meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 in the Atrium of 60 Wall St.

What is leading us to call this super-meeting?

As we engage with the public and try to manage a flood of interest from people looking to support us and get involved in spreading the message of this movement, we are constantly made aware that:
  1. People find it difficult to find out basic information about the movement and how to plug in.  This is especially surprising to them given the movement's rhetorical and procedural emphasis on transparency.
  2. Basic channels of communication are uncoordinated and underutilized.
Clearly these are needs that everyone working hard in the various working groups understands, and there is activity from several sides to deal with these issues.  To that end we feel that coming together will help us accelerate our work and coordinate our efforts to have all of our voices become more accessible to the public. 

In addition to what other groups find relevant, we specifically hope to discuss:
  1. The relationship of the various ows media outlets and groups and how we can bring these streams closer together online.
  2. The various communication vehicles and strategies (park tables, documentary, media relations, journalism, blogging, social media, website) and ways they can be coordinated.
  3. How we efficiently communicate the needs of the movement and the working groups to those looking to support ows.
  4. How we can be more transparent about what we're doing under the auspices of the GA to communicate about and organize this movement.
We hope that each relevant group will be able to send as many members as possible so we can meet each other and have a discussion that represents all the people helping to tell our story and spread this movement!

Thank you,